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5 tips to make sure you can find a good custom towel supplier
1: In China, the best towels supplier is not in the south of China, it's in the north of china, not Hebei, It's in Shangdong province, they weaved the best towels yarn and their local labors are not very high like the south of China.

2: When you find the printing towels, please make sure if that's the best printing way, for some suppliers, they would use the cheap printing way to make the custom logo or design, this printing way is pigment printing, if the color fixed not well, the fade issues are very serious. the best printing at present on the cotton towel is reactive printing and digital printing.

3: If your design include many colors, for example, at least more than 10 colors, then you should choose the digital printing, this printing would make your design very full and perfect, but if your design just several colors, reactive printing is the best choice, this printing effect is very bright, colorfast grade is 3-4, you don't worry the color fade issues.

4: If you want to buy some cheap towels, like the clean towels, microfiber towels, you can find these towels supplier in Hebei province, like Gaoyang city.

5: If you want to build your own brand and wanna to get many regular customers, choose us  Abecotex is the best choice.
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